Friday, October 31, 2014

Book Sale! Get it while it's hot!

Good morning and Happy Halloween blog readers!

I have a few fun things to share with you guys today.

First, I got my edits back on Imperfectly Criminal and I am diligently working on getting it up and running and available for pre-order as soon as I can.

Second, Imperfect Chemistry is now available for only 99 cents!

You can download at Amazon

Or Barnes and Noble

Or Kobo

Or Smashwords

And probably a bunch of other places that Smashwords distributes, too. Hopefully the prices have updated everywhere! Some places might take longer to update than others.

Third, my beautiful friend and fellow Goat Posse member Darke Conteur has an excerpt from Imperfect Chemistry up at her blog! Go check it out by clicking here.

What is the Goat Posse, you ask? Well, we're a group of amazingly talented and really attractive writers who somehow found each other amongst the interwebs and became very good friends.

I think that's it for today!

Have a spooktacular Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

*GIVEAWAY* signed copies of Imperfectly Criminal!

Hello beautiful people!

In order to celebrate the release of Imperfectly Criminal next month, I am giving away signed copies!

The giveaway is through Goodreads (linky loo right me, ohhh yeah you know you wanna...)

And I will also put a gadget doo-hickey immediately to your right.

Many will enter, only three will win, and those three will live in either the US, Canada or the UK.

Ends November 30th!

Good night, and good luck.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cover Reveal -- Imperfectly Criminal!!!

I am SO excited to share this cover with you!

For this book, I hired Sarah over at Sprinkles on Top Studios. You NEED to check out her work, all over her covers are amazing and I want all of them for myself! Plus, she is scary fast. She pulled this whole thing together in a matter of DAYS. If I could meet her in person, I would probably try to make out with her. It's a good thing she lives across the country.

This was a new experience for me, because we (Sarah and I) hand picked models and she did a whole custom cover shoot. She sent me all of her favorite shots, then we picked the cover shot based on those. I even got to keep a few of the photos to make teasers with! (which I have no idea how to do! But I will figure it out!!!)

I love these models, btw (even though every time I think of models, I immediately think of Zoolander) and let me tell you, they are more than just really, really, really good looking.

The cover models are Catie Chapman and Chase Riner--they are so sweet--we are now Facebook friends and they both insisted on reading Imperfect Chemistry and professed to enjoy it (I still never believe anyone when they say they liked it, though. I have problems).

So here it is!

Isn't it pretty? Don't you just love it so much you want to eat it and then regurgitate it and then eat it again? 

I'm still banking on November 11th for the release date for Imperfectly Criminal to be available to purchase.

It's pending review right now with some of my most trusted beta readers ("most trusted" is code for "I'm pretty sure they won't hate me even after reading my drivel"), and then I will need to edit based on feedback and click the publish button!

I will also be running a special promotional price for the month of release (November) for both Imperfect Chemistry and Imperfectly Criminal, so stay tuned!