Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Goodreads Giveaway has ended! If you are a winner...

Hey everyone!

So my Goodreads giveaway ended last Friday! I had over 1600 entries, wow. There were five winners, and FOUR of the FIVE were international entries! What can I say, I'm internationally renowned (hardy har har).

I mailed the books off today, one to Indiana, two to Canada, one to the UK and one to Australia. I really wanted to notify the winners that the books were winging their way, but part of the message I got from Goodreads said not to contact the winners or else it might be marked as spam or something.


So, if you won my book you should receive it within the next few weeks! (unless you're the one in Indiana, you should have yours next Tuesday!)

If you are a winner and want to PM me with more details or questions or whatever, I promise not to mark you as spam. Unless you start getting creepy and asking about my toes or something, in which case, I still won't mark you as spam, but I'll laugh and maybe reply with things that are just as crazy.

If it's not received within the next month or so, please let me know!

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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