Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm Giving Away FREE Signed Copies of my Book! Check it out!

Hey everyone!

So, I'm doing a giveaway on Goodreads! And hopefully I haven't totally jacked it up!

There should be a widget directly to your right that you can click on to enter and WIN WIN WIN, but if I junked that up too, here's another linky poo:

Click me riiiiight here

So go and enter! Five books available! Enter now through June 20th (which seems like a real long time, but Goodreads recommended keeping it open for at least a month). I will ship to US, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany! All the countries who have (thus far) purchased my book! I don't know why I keep using exclamation points at five o'clock in the morning before I've had my coffee!! Those are all countries I've been too! Wait, nope...subtract Australia and I've been to all the other countries!!

Okay, I'm going to drink my coffee now and get ready for work.

Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cover Reveal! Giveaway! Swag! OH MY!!!

So, I've been very blessed to be a part of an intimate group of talented, amazing and generous writerly friends. We are The Goat Posse. A member of my goat posse, Eric Devine, recently had his AMAZEBALLS cover for his YA novel PRESS PLAY revealed on a variety of blogs across the interwebs including wonderful swag giveaways from some more Goat Posse peeps.

Wanna see the swag? You know you do.

A signed copy of SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS by Bethany Crandell + a swag pack with bookmark and pin!
OMGERD this is a WONDERFUL YA novel full of humor and sass and you want this swag, even if you don't know it!

An 18×24″ UNHINGED poster + Splintered series swag pack from A.G. Howard (Have you heard of A.G. Howard? SHE'S KIND OF A BIG DEAL!!! 
unhinged-poster   splintered-unhingedswag
An e-book of ESSENCE by Lisa Ann O’Kane + Essence swag buttons. A dystopian set in Yosemite?!? YES PLEASE!!
essence-book-image  essence-pins

A signed copy of A. Lynden Rolland’s debut OF BREAKABLE THINGS + swag pack. If you like dark and creepy and beautiful writing, YOU WANT THIS STUFF YOU DO!
obt-bookimage  obt-button

A signed copy of the horror anthology AMANDA’S RECURRING NIGHTMARE, which includes the short story “Wildflower”  by Justin Holley. This dude will keep you awake at night hiding under your covers! Don't miss out!


A SIGNED ARC of Eric Devine’s upcoming book PRESS PLAY! This book doesn't even come out until OCTOBER! Make all your friends jealous!

Here’s PRESS PLAY’s cover teaser:


About the Book:
Does the truth really set you free? Pound by sweaty pound, Greg Dunsmore’s plan is working. Greg is steadily losing weight while gaining the material he needs to make the documentary that will get him into film school and away from the constant jeers of “Dun the Ton.” But when Greg captures footage of brutal and bloody hazing by his town’s championship-winning lacrosse team, he knows he has evidence that could damage as much as it could save. And if the harm is to himself and his future, is revealing the truth worth the cost?  

With unflinching honesty, author Eric Devine explores the debatable truths and consequences of the choices we make to get through each day intact.  
About the Author:
Eric Devine is the author of multiple works of Young Adult fiction, most recently Dare Me. He is also a veteran high school English teacher, where he spends as much time teaching as he does completing field research for his novels. His work has been listed by YALSA and Booklist for reluctant readers and for Best in Sports. He and his wife have two wonderful daughters and two not-so-wonderful Labradors. Eric’s next novel, Press Play, will be released 10/28, and he is currently working on two novels. Find out more at his blog, his Facebook fan page, or Twitter: @eric_devine

You're freaking out right? Enter the giveaway by clicking THIS LINK RIGHT HERE OH YEAH CLICK ME BABY

Scroll down, see the awesome cover and enter in the rafflecopter giveaway! I almost don't want to publish this post so I have a better shot of winning! Good luck to you all :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Helloooo out there in blogger land!

So, my book, IMPERFECT CHEMISTRY is totally, absolutely, 100% FREE this entire weekend through Amazon!

If you like quirky romantic comedies, this book is for you!

Linky Poo me, ya know ya wanna...ohhh yeah...

Don't worry, that link goes to Amazon, not any sites with questionable content, I promise.

At the exact moment I'm typing this, my book is sitting at the following Amazon bestsellers ranks:

AND I may or may not vomit all over the place.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!