Monday, April 14, 2014

The cover at the end of this blog

Okay guys, it's here, it's really here and it's really real and I'm about to piss my pants!

Before sharing the cover for my novel, Imperfect Chemistry, I'm going to share with you the journey to the cover! With GIFs! Get excited. It's real fun (or real stupid and boring, I dunno.)

I wrote Imperfect Chemistry in November of 2013, and once I finished the crappy, sloppy rough draft, I knew that it would be my first published book. It just didn't suck quite as much as everything else I had written, and I knew I could make it better. So, I immediately hired one of my favorite designers, Mae I Design. I sent her an e-mail, she sent me the pricing, I paid, she told me it would be a few months (she's very popular and has a loooong waiting list).

Time passed, I edited, revised, edited some more, sent my book to beta readers, did more editing and revising, hired a line editor did YET MORE editing and revising, and then I was getting real antsy. I e-mailed the designer to make sure of the time frame of when I could expect it, she told me just a couple weeks. Not much time, but it felt like for-ev-er!

Then it happened! I got the e-mail with an image and a, "Let me know if I'm on the right path!"

We went back and forth a few times, I had her make a few changes, she sent it back, I showed it to some of my favorite peeps for feedback, then had her change a few more things. It only took a few days for the whole process, but I was so excited time passed very sloooowly! (especially since I was checking my phone for her responses every three and a half minutes.)


I will keep you in suspense no longer. Here it is, the full spread for the printed version:

OH THE PRETTY! OH THE PURPLE! Ohmergerd this is really gonna happen and I'm gonna vomit all over the place!

Now, I'm just waiting for all of the formatted files to upload and review. I'm going to mail myself a paper copy and go through it once more (or possibly six more times. I just can't help it, somebody STOP ME!) and then I will unleash it upon the world. Hopefully it will not suck so badly as to incite the apocalypse, but we'll see.

In the mean time, I'm trying to figure out how to set up an author page on Facebook and playing with the formatting for the printed version (as opposed to the e-book version), and groaning over things like author photos (I am NOT very photogenic) and author bios, etc. I will keep y'all apprised of the situation!

So, until next time, goodbye McFly's!

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