Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Available now! A book! By me! Plus some things I've learned!

Hey everyone!

It's been a busy year, and an even busier month.

My first novel, Imperfect Chemistry, a new adult romance chick-lit romantic comedy type book is now available via Amazon!

Oh the pretty! Oh the purple! Dontcha just wanna go buy it RIGHT NOW!?
e-book currently available, print version is available via createspace.com
but won't be on Amazon for a few more days. Sad face. 

Self publishing (er, indie publishing, whatever you want to call it) is very interesting. I've discovered lots of things.

For example, there's another Mary Frame who wrote "Tie Dying and Batik" I have no idea what that means, or who this person is, but let's give her some love anyways!

On Goodreads.
 I love tie dyeing!
And after googling, I discovered that Batik is an ancient Japanese form of wax resistant dyeing.
I love this chick because I love hippies, and not just because her name is Mary Frame, although that helps.
And yes, I totally added this to my "To read" list on Goodreads.

Another thing I've learned: when I first published on Amazon when I entered my name into the search, my book wouldn't show up until like page 5 of the search results.

But now, after a couple days, if you type my name into Amazon, my book comes up almost immediately!

Right underneath THIS:

 But if you click the link on Amazon, it's also rated "guidance suggested" which kinda creeps me out a little.
Why isn't Mother Mary suitable for all ages?!

I've also learned that marketing is hard, I'm obsessive compulsive about Amazon rankings and perusing my royalty stats, and that my friends (writer friends, coworkers, general life friends) are amazing and supportive and wonderful.

So that's where I'm at.

I've learned many more, useful things, but I'm too tired and I've had too much wine to write anything that will mean anything to anyone However, I promise I will return to blogging shortly with some much more eloquent and worthwhile info.

Until then!


  1. I'll stay tuned for your words of wisdom on indie publishing. I'm working on my book now and really need an education when it comes to indie. I'd imagine there are lots of possible pit falls and hidden costs. Fill my head with knowledge please!

    1. Hey Mary! It is definitely a learning process, and I made some stupid mistakes that I will be sharing! Eventually, I'm hoping to put a tab up at the top of this blog where I'll compile info I've found that I think is useful. There's just so MUCH! It will be nice to have it all consolidated somewhere. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your book! I've read bits and pieces of your stuff on WSE and you are a fantastic writer :)

  2. The whole search thing is interesting to me. How do you make your 'Mary Frame' show up on the first page of the search? I know there's a way to do it, because JLo did it. There's just SO MUCH...I'm overwhelmed at the prospect...but YOU did it and I'm so proud of you! So I know I can do it too! :D Love your face!

    1. I have no idea how or why or when my name began moving up in the Amazon search! LOL! I will have to harass J Lo and pick her brains! I love your face too, lady! Thank you so much for all your support :)