Monday, March 17, 2014

On Blogger's Block & Inspiration

My little sister, Sarah Kane, is living the writer's dream right now. Or, possibly, the human's dream. She's traveling through South America on a little more than a hope and a prayer, blogging about her experiences while she surfs, hangs out on the beach, and eats tropical fruit with the ultimate goal of working on a vineyard in Argentina.

I know. What a bitch, right? But she's so cute! Look how cute she is!

Isn't she adorable? You want to squeeze her face off, don't you?
BTW, she's NOT the one with the mustache.

I sent her a message, recently, to make sure she was still alive because she has not been blogging much, and she shared with me her a little of her blogging anxiety. What should I write about? Pre-post anxiety, she calls it!

This is nothing new to me. I've been there. This blog went dark for two years until I recently breathed some life back into it. And still, I think sometimes (or most of the time): what next? What can I write about that will touch someone, somewhere (and not in an inappropriate touchy way)?

I worry about this as a writer in general, and I touched on it in my last post about writerly fears of DOOOOOM.  It's scary. What if this is it? What if I have no new thoughts or ideas, like, EVER AGAIN!?

There's a few tricks. One: (and this is the one I gave my sister) don't be afraid to expose your insecurities. Don't be afraid to share some intimate, embarrassing, hopeless, useless part of your being. As humans on this planet we are all subjected to self-doubts about something. And with this, we can relate to each other. We can sigh in relief, and gasp in wonder about the fact that no matter how alone we feel, we are never really alone, and we are all in fact the same - yet beautifully different.

Two: Just keep writing. Write through it. Keep going, no matter what. Even if what you're writing is terrible, because writing terrible things is the only way to write beautiful things. Eventually. At least that's the hope.

There are other things that help ignite inspiration, for me anyways: music, movies, good books, my children, travelling, climbing mountains, and for some bizarre reason every time I'm in the shower I come up with fixes to broken plot points and character arcs.

What about you? What do you use to inspire yourself and break through those pesky writerly insecurities? What weapons have you forged against writers block?

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