Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let's blog about sex BABY let's blog about you and ME

Yep that's right. Today, I'm blogging about sex. Specifically, sex in literature.

Okay, confession time. I like sex. I think most humans enjoy sex, as long as it's good (bad sex is baaaad and speaking from personal experience, although it sounds great in theory, having intercourse for hours on end is no fun. There's chafing involved. AND the TMI ends HERE).

So, not surprisingly, I also like reading fiction that includes sex. Of course, fictional sex can also be baaaad. Especially when it's riddled with "throbbing members," and "heaving bosoms," and positions that are not only impossible in the real world (unless you're a professional contortionist) but sound incredibly uncomfortable as well.

The problem that I'm currently experiencing involves my current WiP. It's a romance. When I ran through the rough draft during National Novel Writing Month, I incorporated a couple of sexy sex scenes. Now, while editing, I'm trying to decide: to sex or not to sex?

Well, maybe not in that extreme. I mean, there will be sex because it's part of the character development and plot, but my current conundrum revolves around whether to flesh out the sexy scenes (hehe, FLESH out! I punned!) or tone them down.

I think this hemming and hawing originates with the fact that my mother (who is an English professor) has been helping me with editing, and I'm entirely freaked out to have my MOTHER reading something sexy I wrote. Like, UGH and YEESH and CRINGE!

Luckily, I have a few incredible and wonderful beta readers who will hopefully shed some light on this situation and help me figure out what is best for my characters and this WiP in particular.

What do you think, oh lovely blog readers? Do you like it hot and heavy or mild and sweet? Does it matter? Does it change depending on the story and characters?


  1. As a HUGE fan of the Black Dagger series, *drools* you know darn well that I appreciate lengthy (my pun for you), well-written sex scenes. That said, I do think they go on way too long sometimes (puns a'plenty). I subscribe to the less is more theory when it comes to sex scenes. And...yeah, moms should NEVER be allowed to read anything over PG-13. It's just not allowed. Even if it's not your book. #blech

    1. Oohh yeah, Black Dagger brothers are smoking hot! The sex scenes in those books are amazeballs (balls!), and I am so not that cool yet.

      I think I'm with you with the less is more theory. I did some editing this morning, and there's a little hot and heavy, but a little more on the funny/sweet side, which I think fits better with this story overall.

      Love you lady!

  2. I imagine writing a great sex scene is probably very tough. I have never even tried! But I much admire those who can pull it off and not sound cheesy or make my want to hang my head and shudder. I'll betcha that YOU could do it a fair turn, so why not keep them in and see how it plays? When you give it to your mom, just tape some black construction paper over those parts. PARTS. I said "parts." This is why I don't write sex scenes.

    1. hehe, PARTS! Black construction paper....hmmm. I did imagine blacking out the offending sections and copying those pages and then handing them to my mother, like we are in the military and the feds are blocking out the material they think is inappropriate. Ah well, it will all work out in the end my lovely Phresh Face! I bet you could write amazing sex scenes. You should try!! Just for fun!