Saturday, February 22, 2014

Buttons Aren't Toys

It's something, I think, every writer goes through.

From the beginning of my writerly journey, until now, I still go through it.

I'm so excited about my novel, Imperfect Chemistry, that I plan on publishing later this year, but it's not quite ready yet. There's still a bit of editing I need to do, and I still have more beta readers waiting in the wings to read and comment after I input the changes and additions from the beta's who've read it so far.

What's difficult is WAITING TO PUSH THAT BUTTON.

You know what I mean? I pushed the button way to early when I first started writing. I queried my first novel before it was ready, but really I queried that novel before I was ready. I just didn't know it at the time.

But please, learn from my mistakes. And never, ever, EVER query after drinking. I don't quite remember exactly (because I think I repressed the memory, it was so embarrassing), in one of my early query letters, I waxed on and on about how I pull at my eyebrows when I'm nervous. Right. Don't do it! Bad decision!

But it's so hard to wait sometimes! I just get...anxious! I want to do it now! I want to feel the excitement and trepidation of seeing it OUT THERE for public consumption! But it's not ready yet, and I know that.

Even the most recent draft of Imperfect Chemistry wasn't quite ready for my first line beta readers. I went through it last week and there were TYPOS still! What!? But I wanted feedback before I continued to edit, just in case my betas would find any glaring problems or inconsistencies that I was too close to see, and I didn't want to keep editing something I would cut or change later.

It's hard though. Waiting.

Listen to Zooey. Think before you click. Buttons aren't toys!


  1. I think we're all guilty of doing that at one time or another... :-/ My first book I queried--YIKES!!

    p.s. let me know if you need anymore beta readers! I'd be more than happy to read it :)

    1. Those poor poor agents, no wonder they have so many rules and guidelines to follow. They're trying to avoid people like US! lol!

      And I will totally take you up on beta reading! I will probably post in the goat cave once I'm ready :) Hopefully within the next two weeks or so.

  2. Eep! I remember my first ever query sent *hides in corner*. Yours is funny! Did you really put the eyebrow-pulling in your query??

    I may be the opposite here; I usually have to convince myself to push the button, instead of keeping myself from pushing it. Because of this, I'm not a prolific writer. I have to rewrite many, many times before I let anybody read my stuff. So I'm really, really sloooooow. *hangs head*

    Anyway, you know I've already volunteered myself as a beta reader. Can't wait to read it...when you're ready. ;)

    <3 ya!

    1. I really really did query that Precy!! OH boy. Sometimes I feel like my writer's learning curve was the size of Mount Everest!

      You are such a beautiful writer, even if you are slow! It really shines through the care you take with your words, I love it sooooo much!

  3. I'm like Precy, I have to be pushed. And I was pushed, even though I didn't feel confident about being ready. And it turns out, I was half right and half wrong. It's so hard to gauge that moment of 'being ready.' I don't think we're fair judges of ourselves.

    1. Joyce!! You are so right. We are definitely our own blind spot, for sure. And "ready" can be so subjective. I read a lot of indie books, and some authors I think publish too soon and they still need more work/experience, but then other readers love it. Who really knows? Not me! :)