Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why Revising Sucks Big Hairy Nard Balls

I have no idea where that title came from. I'm not entirely sure what nard balls are.


Okay, so apparently nards are the same as balls, so my title might as well be Why Revising Sucks Hairy Ball Balls.

ANYWAYS, I would like to dedicate this blog post to Precy Larkins, who is also in the process of revising her NaNo novel. This one's for her because she is quite possibly the sweetest and cutest person alive on the planet today. THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE!

So, yanno, I work full time. I have two kids, a husband, etc. I wake up every morning at five AM, shower the sleep from my eyes and try to write or edit for about an hour each day before waking up the progeny for school. Sometimes, it's difficult. While revising, it's especially difficult.

Here's a typical morning while revising:

It starts like this. I'm happy. I'm typing. Today, I'm going to fix chapter eleven because it totally blows and it's driving me crazy and I CAN DO IT G DANG IT!!!!

Then this happens. I FAIL (and flail) I suck SOOO bad and nothing I do will make this dang WiP any better I might as well GIVE UP!!!

Then I decide to have one tiny glass of wine to help me relax and get the words flowing. And then I also wonder why did I choose to wear this sweater that makes me look like a lumpy rutabaga?

Then I start the process all over again. Happy, flailing, drinking.

I've heard there are writers out there that actually prefer editing to drafting, but I think that's a made up story that parents use to scare their children into being obedient.

So tell me, lovely blog readers, how do you get through your editing woes? Are you one of those boogeymen that enjoy the revision process?


  1. Hairy ball balls!! *snorts drink out of my nose*

    You are so awesome I can't stand it!! The pictures are EPIC--love the one on the floor. Your revising ordeal looks a lot like mine. Heh! And thank you so much for dedicating hairy ball, this post to me because I really need some motivation. And encouragement. And maybe more planking on the floor. ;)

    1. Yay! Love your guts! Get to revising so I can read those beautiful words :)

  2. LUMPY RUTABAGA! You are so awesome. I think NARD BALLS is the next name of our band!

    1. Nard balls sound delicious don't they?? Thanks for stopping by my lovely Phreshy Face McGee!