Friday, January 6, 2012

Awesomesauce Blog Award! FEATURING: Shopping Carts...IN CAPTIVITY!

Once upon a time, in a blog post far far away,  Miss Jenny Phresh-Face-McGee over at The Party Pony bestowed this lovely award upon me

Link to original post featuring a picture of yours truly! You know you want to click me baby, NOW! Yeah, oh yeah, right there...

I'm supposed to answer some questions about myself, pass it on, or piss in a hallowed out rutabaga and rub it on my body while eating sausage or some such nonsense, but instead, I would like to pay homage to a little feature on Miss Jenny's blog known as "Shopping Carts in the Wild!"

Here are the links for the original (and hilarious) blog posts:

A la Cart and other Shopping Cart Sightings!

Jenny's Shopping Cart Posts are my most favoritest things on the interwebs. Except for free (non-virusey) porn (e-gads, this whole post is one seething pot of blatant sex talk. I think I've been watching too many "Game of Thrones" episodes).

And so, in honor of the fabulous Jenny Phresh I bring you: SHOPPING CARTS (dot dot dot) IN CAPTIVITY!!!

This brave soul endures piles of heavy files trapped in it's innards!

Two carts stand stock still,  lined up in an orderly fashion lest the civil servants whip out their weapons and force them into obedience! The two friends eschew the smaller and therefore weaker cart turned slave which is obliged to stand guard at the mail meter. Courageous cart fearlessly stands alone! 

ORGY ROOM! AVERT YOUR EYES!! (and never EVER leave your back turned in this place. Lord only knows what they'll stick in ya!)

Thank you very much to Ms. Jenny Phresh for bestowing upon me the Awesomesauce Blogger Award! And for being such an amazing writer, blogger, and friend :)

(honestly, though, these carts are really all around at my work and pretty much every day I find I can't walk by them without giggling and thinking about shopping carts in the wild. So, yes, I think about The Party Pony every day and if that makes me a creepy stalker it's because...well, I sort of am. If anyone deserves a stalker, it's Jenny! Wait...that sounded really nice in my head, but perhaps it's bad to wish a stalker upon another? Oh well.)


  1. ROFLMAO! Shopping Cart Orgies. That's my new band.

    I'd stalk YOU if I could, but the idea is not to be caught--I know you'd be waiting for me with a bottle of hooch and a smile :)

  2. You is my hero! I thought I saw your glittery eyes in my shrubbery. Just come on in and have a swig of vodka when you have fulfilled your stalkery. YOU can stalk me any ol' time.

    The plight of these poor captive carts rends my heart. Can they be freed? Perhaps we should march upon the corporate pigs that keep these carts in such bondage (and foist upon them such sickening orgies). LET MY PEOPLE GO!

  3. Bwahahaha!!! I lurves those Shopping Carts in the wild too. And now you're up there with Jenny of the Phreshness. HUzzah! Congrats on your award, and Mare my dear wolf girl, I MISS U TERRIBLY!!!!

    I hope you're doing well and staying clear of those shopping cart orgies. <3 ya!

  4. @Bethany: "The Shopping Cart Orgies!" That's a great band name. Another one I've coined "The Big Vagina Blowout". I'm tellin' ya, I could make money off these things!!

    @Jenny: I would love to come into your house and drink up your vodka (and red wine). I will persevere to free the poor creatures and update you of the status ;)

    @Cherie: my little knocked up muffin!! I love you, too and hope you are feeling fabulous :)