Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Won't You Be My Beta? And Leaping Leibsters! (no to be confused with Leaping Lobsters. Or Leaping Labias)

After what's probably the longest blog title EVER, this is going to be a quick one (because I'm about to start reading Bloodlines by Richelle Mead and it's calling to me from it's spot on my coffee table).

I just have a couple things I want to get out there.

One: Do you need a critique partner (the answer is yes, yes you do) but you don't know where to find one? Well, fret no longer my pretties, Mary Baader Kaley the awesomesauce writer behind Not An Editor has a page you can post a "want ad" for a crit partner! So post, peruse, and get yourself a beta! Don't be shy, this is the internet, no one will know it's really you! (no naked pictures, please)

Two: Jenny Phresh of the feral boys and ponies and martini's and rodents of various sizes (ROVS's. Not to be confused with ROUS's) has gifted me with this:

Aw. It's so cute! I want to print it out and rub it all over my body! I want to eat it and then regurgitate it and eat it again! There's some rules and stuff, but I can't remember what they are other than I'm supposed to pass this on to five people. Rules. Bleh.

I can only think of two at the moment that I'm super in love with and should be squeezed real hard, so here they are:

1. Martha Mouse: DUDE! This chick is awesome. Check our her artwork (including the goat on the moon pic to your right). Also, she's freaking hilarious :) 

2.Laura the Jane:  Laura is fairly new to the world of blogging, and she has a plethora of writing resources on her blog and she loves me. That's enough. So go! Follow! Love and be loved!

And happy hump day!


  1. Congrats, Mare (and new nominees)! And LOL. If you figure out a way to eat cyber pics, you're going to become the most popular woman evah. Just think of all the calories we can avoid. SWEET.

    Love you lady!

    Oh, and YES, Martha Mouse ROX the artwork. I'm ultra impressed by her goat pic above. Oh to be so talented.

  2. Aww Mare, thank you for the award! I'd like to thank my family for leaving me alone long enough to post on my site. With their self-dedication to get their own drinks & wash their own shirts, this was possible.

    Hmm, now to find 5 to pass it on to!

  3. You had me at "leaping labias." How about leaping lobster labias? Horrifying imagery!

  4. BWA, HA, HA!! ROUS's.
    Buttercup, you vomitous mass, you crack me up.

  5. Anita! I eat anything. Wait...that came out a lot dirtier than I intended...

    Laura - You are welcome, my new writerly friend! If you don't have five to pass it on to, that's cool. Rules are made to be broken!

    Jenny - do lobsters have labias?

    Bethany - thank you for getting the Princess Bride reference :) And for being awesome in general.

  6. Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

    Lola x

  7. Hey Lola! Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Mare! Congrats on your award! I thought I already commented here, and then I realized that while I already read this post on my RSS Feed reader thingy, I didn't comment! *headsmack*

    I'm such an idiot. Anyway. Like Phresh, you totally had me at leaping labias. BWAHAHAHA!