Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two MEME's in ONE

Hello my friends!

So, I got tagged by a few meme's. Two, to be exact.

I am going to do both meme's in one because they are the same meme, except one of them is still in it's original version from Anita over at A Still and Quiet Madness. The other has been re-imagined by Jenny Phresh.

I will answer both meme's questions in one post. The first question will be the ACTUAL meme question, followed by the Phresh version. So you can see for yourself the madness that is the Party Pony.

Here goes!

1. Do you think you're hot?
Yes. Most especially when it's nearly 100 degrees outside and I'm sweating like a woolly mammoth in a sauna.

PHRESH VERISION:  Are you a rutabaga?
Only on Wednesdays.

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment.
Okay, confession time. I have some cheesy generic windows wallpaper because I'm lazy. However, since I love you all, here's a picture of me with an evil eyebrow raise.

MWAHAHAHAHA! Yes, that's me. Blue shirt. Beer. Big nose. Slightly inebriated expression.
It's how  I look most of the time. Except I wear glasses. Nice to meet you.

PHRESH VERSION: Upload a heartwarming picture of something that makes you smile. (sidenote: she chose a picture of the creepy clown from IT)
Yes, Mr. Firth. I WILL make out with you!

3.  When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
What? How am I supposed to remember that?! I don't even know what I was thinking five minutes ago. Or what I was wearing yesterday. Or today. Where am I?

PHRESH VERSION: When was the last time you ate lion meat?
Never. However this reminds me of something from my list of office quotes (yes, people at my work say the funniest/stupidest things which have been documented for posterity).
Co-worker One, speaking to both two and three: Have you ever had a tiger burger?
Co-worker Two: What's that?
Co-worker Three: An animal with stripes on it.
(BA dum bump. Yes, this was a real conversation and co-worker number three was SERIOUS!)

4. List the songs you listened to recently:
Blink 182 - Down
Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds
Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl
Snow Patrol - Lifeboats
Florence & the Machine - Cosmic Love
Death Cab for Cutie - Crooked Teeth

PHRESH VERSION:  What song would you like to be playing while you are kicking the crap out of someone?
The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

5. What were you thinking as you were doing this?
Phresh has too many questions that don't match! I'm going to add them at the end.

PHRESH VERSION:  What the fuck are you thinking right now?
I'm tired. This will have to wait for tomorrow.

(And it's tomorrow! Sorry if I snored while you were waiting.)

Extra bits not previously mentioned:

If you could go back in time and kick the crap out of someone, who would it be?
That kid that called me four eyes in second grade. Yes, I'm talking about you, Brendan Tankersly! You better start running if you ever hear Ballroom Blitz being blasted as your walking down a dark street. Or alley.

Name one habit that makes other people plot your demise.
I'm a know it all. I like to have the answers to everything. I also like broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Where da muffin top at?
The muffin top is a not so elusive creature that emerges when I wear jeans that fit ten years ago but I still own because THEY WILL FIT ME SOMEDAY! THEY WILL!!!

How many goats, stacked atop one another like Yertle's Turtles, would it take to reach the moon?
1/10000ths of a mole.

Describe yourself using obscure Latin words.
Sum ipsum rutabaga scriptor

Why does evil exist?
Without evil there would not be reality TV. And who wants to live in that world?

And I'm spent!

I'm supposed to tag some other people, but I don't want to. And I have no time. So suck it.

However, if you would like to answer these lovely and slightly insane questions, please do! And then let me know in the comments so I can check it out.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!


  1. LOL! You are bleedin' hilarious, my luv! Great idea combining them! BTW, you're very pretty. Oh, and Cosmic Love is one of my faves. I nearly spazzed out when I realized you liked Flo and her machine because not many peeps know of their brilliance. :)

  2. OMG, Mare you have beautiful eyes!

    I love love your answers for both memes. ;D Phresh's Q's are all crackpot, concussion-induced questions--can't wait for everyone's answers (#goatposse!) Anyway, I fear for Brendan Tankersly. He better watch out for the rutabaga scriptor.

    And...Colin Firth. (yum) That pic is delectable. ;)

  3. Someone has good taste in music. I had a total Megamind moment imagining you carrying a boombox while swaggering down the street about to beat up the grown up kid who teased you. Not gonna lie, I might have laughed at my own mental image.

  4. I'm not sure if it's the soap-opera-raised-brow, your taste in tunes, or the transcript you keep on your stupid co-workers, but I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you.

  5. You are so totally awesome and I love your raised eyebrow and I wanna have a drink with you this summer. That's all I got's to say! Nah, I'll say more. This is some funny-ass shit. I cursed! Yah!

  6. Anita - Florence & the Machine is one of my all time faves! I have been facilitating between Cosmic Love and The Dog Days are Over :)

    Cherie - *blush* thank you! This was a fun meme, for sure.

    Sophia - lol! I like your mental image. Must find boombox!

    Bethany - I love you, too, my pretty!

    Jenny - Hey, if you are ever on this side of the country, it is on! And what's all this about "a" drink? I'm thinking a few are in order! And no fucking cursing on my blog, okay!? (hehe)

  7. Mare, the similarity of our taste in actors is a bit disturbing. But otherwise this was delightful. :)

  8. LOVE it! Particularly the evil eyebrow raise!