Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holy Award Time Batman!

Yo! I'm a little late posting this. I got waaaay distracted (oh, shiny!) and life has turned crazy thanks to the day job, but don't you fret my pretties! I will NEVER leave you! (I know, you were concerned and losing sleep and not eating and crying into your pillows every night. You can stop now.)


The wonderful, sweet and sassy Cherie over at Ready.Write.Go. gave me an award! (check out her blog if you haven't, she's A-MAZ-ING!).

This one:

I just wanna squish him REAL BAD!

The caveat with that I have to list five things I've watched/read/whathaveyou in the last year.

So here's the best and brightest from my last year of living:

Why, oh why, did this show go off the air? Veronica Mars was like Nancy Drew, if Nancy Drew had been tougher, sarcastically witty, and just all around kick ass.

Veronica Mars is a short lived (three seasons) show on the WB (shuddup) about a teenage girl whose dad is a detective and former police chief. Veronica moonlights in her dad's agency, and solves mysteries, crimes, and other weird happenings around her school. Also, she has a taser. This show is no longer available on instant Netflix, so very sad for you if you missed it.

2. Book: Ruby Red, by Kirsten Gier
Four things: England, funny female protagonist, time traveling, hot guy. Uh, huh. Nuff' said.

3. Movie: Easy A
Emma Stone is soooo cool and really belongs on Rookie Riter's lesbian island (can I bring her, please please please!?). Also, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson are amazingly hilarious in this teen adaptation of The Scarlet Letter. And Penn Badgley takes his shirt off.

4. TV Miniseries: North & South
Based on the love story by Elizabeth Gaskell, this BBC four part adaptation is currently streaming on instant Netflix, so go watch it people! Great story, great actors, also the new love of my life:

Yes, Richard, I love you, too!
I am dumping Colin Firth this instant so we can run away together!

5. Meg Cabot
Okay, so I know that Meg Cabot is not a book, TV show or movie. I just like her a whole lot and I'm reading the 1-800-WHERE-R-U series right now and all her books are so awesome I just really want to lick her face off.

I think I'm supposed to pass this award on, but having to think about stuff like that makes me sweat and break out in hives. Just enjoy the picture of Richard Armitage and have a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. I am with you, Emma Stone is a definite in on our Lesbian Island! Though she is rather young for me . . . ah well! I LOOOOVED Easy A. LOVED LOVED LOVED.

    Congrats on the cute puppy! HOoray, huzzah, and all that jazz!

  2. Hey Michelle! Thanks! And I knew you would be into Emma since we have the same taste in women :)

  3. Hi there, lovely! For some reason, your current post is not showing in my blog list. Blogger is lame :(

    What do you mean you're dumping Colin Firth? Oh well, Richard does look yummy. ;)

  4. Hi Cherie! It could be because I posted this particular post, and then realized there was a typo and immediately edited and re-posted. I don't think blogger can handle my craziness!

    Also, I am not necessarily leaving Colin. But if Richard asks me to run away with him, I won't say no :)

    Hope you are doing well!

  5. How did I miss this post? Especially when you tossed me a lesbo island nod?! Oh...I suck!

    Okay, I have seen EASY A. Totally cute. I was thinking that would be a great YA Novel (was it?). I dig that leading gal, too, except her voice is too deep for me. She can come to the island, but only if you promise me you'll keep her quiet. You either need to have a steady supply of duct tape available (we have a Home Depot on the island) or plenty of alcohol for me so she'll sound more and more like Bradley Cooper the more I drink. (There will also be a BevMo on the island. You're buying)