Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unable to Come Up With Clever & Interesting Blog Title (or, I'M ON VACATION, BITCHES!)

Hello my friends!

Kayeleen Hamblin has started a "Why I Write" blogfest, and since Kayeleen is super sweet, has a rockalicious blog, and it seemed like a good idea at the time I decided to participate.

Linky loo here:


For this bloggety blogfestaliciousness, we are (obviously) blogging about what compels us to write.

I signed up last week, thinking "Oh, this is easy!"

And then I thought about it.

And I couldn't come up with anything that wasn't...well, derivative (that's for you, rook).

I mean, I could talk about how I suffer from the book fever. I used to lock myself up for DAYS as a kid/teenager/last week and fall so hard into a book/series/author that someone would have to yank me forcefully from my stupor and make me shower because the stink was spreading down the hall.

But, as writers, doesn't that apply to all of us? You all know that about me, right? (not the stank part - because fortunately that can't be spread through the interwebs - but the reading is my LIFE part.)

I could also talk about how I wrote some stuff when I was younger, and one of my English teachers was constantly hounding me to submit to the school's creative writing publication but I never did it because I really didn't think it was that great AND I was embarrassed enough when she read my vignette to the whole class.

Or, maybe I write because both of my parents are English professors and my house is full of books and writerly talk...I mean who wouldn't be a writer?

But really, when you get down to the nitty gritty, get rid of everything else...there's really only one reason I write.

It's fun.

It's a rush! Like when you write a scene and you KNOW it's good (even if you have to throw it away later) and you can't stop grinning like someone just told you that Colin Firth is on his way over to your house and he wants to make out with you (please God, let that happen to me. My husband will understand...maybe).

Or when you read something you wrote and you realize that you're writing better than you did a year ago. Or six months ago. Or three weeks ago.

Or when you get to write "The End" on something you've slaved over for months, or years, and you know you aren't done yet, but the fun has just begun.

Either that or I really love rejection (it hurts SO GOOD).

Okay. That's all I got today. Now hop on over to Kayeleen's blog and check out everyone else who is participating because I'm sure they are super mega rockstars! (Because let's face it, all writers are).


  1. I love this post, Mary! You made me laugh out loud. (Not just lol). Writing is fun, isn't it? Why else would we choose to do something that takes so much out of us?

    Thanks for being part of the blogfest today.

  2. I read like that when I was younger, too. Probably would now except my life gets in the way.

    Both my parents were history teachers. Does that mean I'm supposed to write historical fiction? #writerfail

  3. Great post ! I used to also "read up a storm" back in the day !
    And if writing becomes a chore , then you should probably not be doing it !!

  4. Hey Kayeleen! This was fun, thanks for hosting it. And good topic!

    Hello my lovely Mary! Yes, now it is much more difficult to become absorbed into books for any length of time, but I try :)

    Hey, Mish, thanks for stopping by! Yes, writing should be mostly fun, although sometimes challenging (in a good way!)

  5. You are too cute and too funny, sistah! It's so fun to learn new things about you (like English professors as parents, whoa! Do you let them read your work?) Plus making out with Colin Firth--that's hilarious! I didn't expect you to be crushing on Firth, I thought you were more of a George Clooney type of girl? But I do agree--Firth is cute! :D

    Anyway, I love this post for all the awesome reasons you listed above, no matter how derivative (Rookie!), but they are true nonetheless. You rock, my goat loving, beautiful friend! Thanks for sharing!

  6. So true! I get so excited for the part of my day when I get to WRITE. It's always an adventure and I never know what's going to happen.

  7. The DERIVATIVE shout-out. I've officially made it!!

    I write because if I didn't do something with all this garbage circulating in my brain I'd go banana pants. I'd be that scary lady at the grocery store mom's told their kids not to look at. Big hair, sock-covered feet stuffed into flip-flops, planting myself at the free sausage sample table. It's just easier to write.

  8. Cherie - I wouldn't kick George out of the bed for farting, but I am a Colin Firth girl all the way!

    Jenny - Your writing (even your blogging) is an adventure for all of us! Shopping carts in the wild!

    Bethany - you mean, it's weird to set up shop at the free sausage sample table? (Wait, is that an innuendo for something else?!)

  9. I'm willing to bet you're eons younger than I am but everything you said rang true for me. Now that I'm retired I can definitely say that writing is a whole lot more fun than playing with electronic medical records, tort reform, and productivity quotients. Glad to have met you here.

  10. There's something wrong with you.

    and, yes. maybe a teeny weeny innuendo. BWAAAHAAA

  11. Hi Jan! Nice to meet you. Age does not matter when it comes to writing. With words, we are all on the same playing field! :)

    Bethany - Yes, something IS wrong with me! But I do love free food.