Monday, June 6, 2011

It's All Fun & Games BLOGFEST

So, I saw this link on Cherie's blog, and I had to follow it. I mean, LOOK, It's all fun and games!

Now look up: It's still all fun and games!

The rules of this blogfest are simple, blog about three games that you love.

Except, I thought it would be much more fun to blog about games that I hate.
So here ya go!

Number One: Monopoly. And Dane Cook will tell you why:

Number Two: Anything where I have to think too hard. Or draw. Or speak, at all. As a matter of fact, I don't think I like any games. Except for a couple. See number three for clarification.

Number Three: Any games that don't involve alchohol.

There you have it!

Stay tuned because pretty soon I'll be writing about the climax. (oh oh oh, yeah...wait, not that climax...)


  1. LOL! Great video. I can honestly say I've only played one drinking game and it was at the anime club in college so we had to use pop. lol

  2. Your post made me laugh! Love the title of your blog as well. Great to meet you!

  3. So drinking games are right out the window, huh?
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  4. I love you sistah, for turning this blogfest around! I'm not a Monopoly fan either and that vid cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh--I needed it. I've got one kid sick and I'm stuck waiting to see the doc at the clinic. Bummer! But you brightened my day :D

  5. I like that you spelled alcohol "alchohol." YOU MUST BE DRUNK!

  6. Historically I've told Dane Cook to go pound sand, but in this instance I'd say "RIGHT ON, DUDE! Monopoly BLOWS!"

    This is fun. I'm going to do this. Not until the weekend, but I can hear my little noodle dwelling hamster mounting his wheel already.

  7. My friends and I invented a drinking game to Hands Down and Old Maid ... once upon a decade. :D

  8. Patricia! Thanks for stopping by, and how sad for you, you've only played ONE drinking game? With pop!? Isn't that midwestern speak for soda? ;)

    Julie: Thank you! Making people laugh makes me VERY happy! And it's nice to meet you, too!

    Alex, drinking games are IN, everything else is out ;)

    Cherie - bum rap on the sick kid. They are resilient, though, at least!

    Jenny - CURSE YOU AND YOUR PONY/EAGLE EYES! I have a hard time with that word. :(

    Bethany - I saw Dane Cook live recently and it was awful. His first CD was the best, though. Too bad he sucks now :(

    Hey M Pax, thanks for stopping by! I am a lover of games turned into drinking games. I still have a drinking Jenga game floatin around somewhere :)

  9. Nice take on the blogfest, I had fun reading your list. Just about any game could be turned into a drinking game with an extra rule or two.

  10. Any games that don't involve alcohol.... hahahaha! A girl after my own heart!

  11. omg - I'm in love with your blog. You're too funny. Monopoly has to be a drinking game for me - too long. :) Nice to meet you!

  12. Love how funny this post was. It's nice to meet you. I"m a new follower from the blogfest.

  13. Hi Claire! Right you are! Monopoly could be fun if you add: pass go, collect two hundred dollards, AND take a shot!

    Hi MJ! I like your pic! And it appears we are kindred spirits :)

    Alison, thank you! I love you, too! And it is always nice to meet new writerly friends.

    Hi Ciara! Welcome to the winter of my discontent.

    And now I shall stalk all of you and your blogs. And if you are on twitter, I will stalk you there as well :) Be warned!

  14. I kinda like Monopoly, but yeah, the vid was funny. Thanks for giving us your own unique take on gaming!

  15. LOL!! GREAT take on the fest!

    LOVED the video. Thanks for sharing!

  16. LOL! Loved that video! I've watched some of Dane's movies, but how come I've never seen his stand up?? Going to check out some YouTube vids later. Hee. BTW, I'm SO LIKE YOU. I'm not into games. Never have been. Could have something to do w/the fact that at family reunions, I was assigned the duty of entertaining the wee ones while everyone else played games. Hmm. Yep. Think I nailed it. I resent games for sucking away my carefree childhood. ;)

  17. Woohooo, that was fantastic! Thank you so much for posting this... And I just checked out the rejection link you sent me. That was PERFECT, and it completely sums up how bi-polar we all become during this process. Loved it!! :)