Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things I wish I had (in 55 words)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a needy person.  Not, “I need someone to hold me,” kinda way. More, “I want that, why not me,” kinda way. I have blog envy (their background is so much better than mine!), and reader envy (why can't I dream of sparkly vampires?) Here’s more things I want.
Finally! Something that might stave off the needy husband.
Whom I love, but come on, buddy, I'm tired!

Wait a sec...What-is that a PURPLE light saber?!? Yes, yes it is.

Mr. Darcy in a wet T-shirt? Who DOESN'T want that?

I want to be in a boy band.
I think this one could actually happen for me because I have the figure of a 12 year old boy.

Okay, now this one should be self explanatory.
(I think I saw this guy once at a music festival! He was playing a djembe...)

And finally, all this tomfoolery was brought to you by the illustrious, green, slightly depraved but very funny Jenny Phresh.  No, I don't want her (maybe just a little..ssshhhh) but I do want a picture of myself
covered in paint. Preferably purple paint. Holding a light saber.
I may not be as clever as Bethany C. but at least I can figure out how to put in captions!
(HA! See ya round the cell block Rookie Riter!)


  1. Hahaha! Nice post, Mare. Love the purple lightsaber.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  2. LOL! Excellent job meeting the challenge, Mary. And I, too, want to be Jenny just a little. Heehee. Happy Mother's Day, lovie.

    *waves to other Mary*

  3. WAHOO! Well done, friend! I have blog envy,too! And writers envy and agent envy. Perky breast envy, dark eye brow envy...

    I could go on all night, but my girls bought me a Wookie who reads Jane Austen in a perfect English accent for Mother's Day...I've got things to do :)

  4. Mary: I added the light saber just for you!!

    Anita: Happy mother's day to you, too!

    Bethany: Ha! You raised your children right!

  5. Haha you sneaky thing, I didn't even know this was here yet. But I have insomnia! And I found it! At 5:47 am! I'm crackin' up a little because BIRDS ARE SINGING and I did not get enough sleep.
    I'm going to have to dump purple paint over you and Bethany. This is giving me lots of ideas.

  6. Purple's my favorite color. I'm just sayin'...

  7. Mary,
    I have given you an award! It's not the purple one yet,; a different one. Come and claim the item at:

  8. Mary,
    I am giving both you and Bethany a hot buttered blog award in lieu of the fact I have had no time to create a purple/green/flasher award. Come to my blog and collect it with a big spoon. No rules, you can just have and enjoy.