Saturday, April 30, 2011

Award time!

So, Jenny Phresh over at The Party Pony gave me an award.

Yes. ME!

And the weirdest part is I don't think it's a mistake! (And if it is, Jenny, you absolutely cannot have it back. You will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers. Or, you know, hack it off my blog.)

So here it is:

Isn't it cute?!

And here are the rules:
(there are rules? But I'm the winner! ME! IT'S ALL ABOUT ME ME ME! I'm really trying not to let this get to my head, honest).

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated me.
2. Share seven random facts about myself.
3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

And here are my seven facts (again...didn't I already do this? You people are going to know WAY too many random things about me) :

1. One time in the sixth grade I threw up in the middle of church (catholic school. The whole school was there) and then immediately burst into tears.

2. I have two tattoo's. One daisy on my back (slightly off center so as not to be confused with a tramp stamp) and the Scorpio sign on my tummy (and it's an M!)

3. Both of my parents are English professors (which comes in handy for editing and getting critiques, although I'm pretty sure my Mom is WAY biased).

4. I was on a TV show once when I was five. It was a local show called "Space Station 21". Okay, my whole kindergarten class was there, too, but still.

5. I have really long fingers. Like ET fingers. Occassionally, I point at people and say "ooouch".

6. I also have long toes. One day, when I was a sophmore in high school, I was walking down the hallway next to my crush and he said, "You have the longest toes I've ever seen!" And I've had a complex ever since.

7. This is hard for me to admit, but I have a Miley Cyrus song on my iPod. Okay, okay, maybe two songs. Two Miley Cyrus songs. Shhhhh....don't tell anyone. ;)

Phew! Okay, now for the easy part, five blogging buddies who are amazing!

1. Mary Baader Kaley
My soul sister. She can be found over at Not An Editor which is an amazing blog about critiquing where she interviews cool people and gives tips on critiquing (which is important because it helps your writing!) and she's also one of the nicest people, like, EVER!

2. Sophia Martin
This lady is a HUGE inspiration to me, she has so much drive and motivation and she's a GREAT writer, too. Check out her BLOG, especially if you want information on ePubbing, she is the new guru!

3.  Kierah Jane Reilly
Kierah is an amazing writer and wonderfully supportive friend. And she always leaves the most incredibly thoughtful comments that make me think about things more and in a different way than I might have otherwise (which is a good thing!)  Check her out over at her blog.

4. Holly Bodger
I hope this isn't awkward because I don't really know Holly very well (except for that one time when I sorta stalked her on twitter and she was very nice about the whole thing), but you may recognize her from Miss Snark's First Victim. Holly always leaves excellent feedback for fellow writing peeps, and she also has an awesome blog where she gives advice on writing here.

5. Shannon Shaw Mullis
Okay, so Shannon isn't a writer. However, she is a licensed esthetician and she just started a brand new blog about how to be glamorous and fabulous on the cheap and who doesn't need that? Plus, I have known Shannon since I was...what, sixteen? And she's always been super sweet and amazing.

Sidebar: I really wanted to nominate Anita Howard over at A Still and Quiet Madness for being amazing in every conceivable way, however Jenny beat me to it.

Go forth my children, and continue blogging like the studs I know you are :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

In which I post someone else's tips because they are full of awesome

(Don't worry, last five commandments of creating characters who don't totally suck is coming...I only have two more in my draft!)

I found this on a blog somewhere and thought I would share because it's cool.

Seven Steps to Writing – and Finishing – Your Novel, by William Bernhardt

1. Develop commitment. Getting started is the hardest part. Establish a writing schedule and stick to it. Find the time!

2. Build up your premise. In one sentence, what is your book about? Explain what it’s about in a way that makes people want to read it.

3. Write what you like! Write in the genre(s) you like and read yourself.

4. Allow yourself to write a lousy first draft. Just write it! Let yourself just finish the book. Then you can worry about editing, revising, etc. Don’t spend a lot of time revising and perfecting as you go along – you may end up deleting that whole chapter later!

“Writing is rewriting.” Michener: “I’m not a very good writer, but I am a good rewriter." Amateurs fall in love with every word they write.

5. Eliminate bad habits: tobacco, alcohol, drugs. Start an exercise routine to increase your stamina – it will also make you smarter. Try meditation.

6. Understand that writing is hard, and don’t get discouraged about it. Samuel Johnson: “What is written without effort is generally read without pleasure.”

7. Be brave. The secret of getting published: “Don’t give up.” You cannot lose if you won’t fail. Keep learning, revising, attending workshops.


I like number four the best, because it is the hardest for me (but what does he mean in number five, eliminate alcohol?! That really doesn't make any sense...)

Sidebar: I've noticed there's been a jump in my followers! Okay, so maybe most people wouldn't get excited about having 15 whole people following their blog, however I am not most people.

Therefore, in honor of all fifteen of my followers, I am going to have a contest next week where I shall give away a book about writing. I haven't decided what book I am giving out. The only one I have right now on my book shelf is The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Publishing, which is a great book, but the edition is from like ten years ago which means they are probably recommending you write about vampires which we all know right now is a BAD DECISION.

So I will go shopping this weekend and pick out something fabulous! Stay tuned next week for some details on what you need to do to win! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a quick game of TAG

Normal blogging will resume momentarily....

Anita Howard has started a game of tag where you list seven things about yourself on your blog and then invite others to do the same. Leave a comment if you want to play along, and I will pop on over and check it out! (AND if you haven't checked out Anita's blog, you should! I especially recommend the trailer to her book. It's creepy and amazing and I want to read it so bad I could piss myself).

I'm a little sick and slightly hopped up on Dayquil, so bear with me. Here are seven things that you probably don't know (or want to know) about me:

1. I was born deaf. My Mom figured it out when I was only a few weeks old because my sister (lovely person that she is) would sneak up behind me and try to scare me by screaming loudly. I never responded, never jerked or anything, so that's how Mom figured it out. This was before the mandated hearing tests that they do in the hospital right after babies are born. At the time (keep in mind, this was over thirty years ago), I was the youngest person that they knew to be deaf. The problem was an infection in my middle ear which was (obviously) remedied, eventually. But, since I was the youngest deaf person they ran all sorts of tests on me to check my vision and other sensory development. I was finally given surgery and was able to hear at 9 months.

2. I've never been stung by a bee.

3. When I was a junior in high school, I lied to my friends and told them I had had a boyfriend before (I even made up a whole story about how we broke up because he cheated on me). Yes, I was sixteen and had never been kissed (unless you count a few unfortunate games of spin the bottle), mostly because boys scared me. They still do, a little (I realize I'm married and have given birth to a boy. Doesn't change anything).

4. I am hopelessly addicted to historical romance novels.

5. Sometimes I like to imagine that I'm an amazingly awesome singer (I'm really not), and that I have written/sung some of the songs that are on the radio. Only, like, ten years ago because I'm much younger in these fantasies and everyone is terribly impressed by me. Oh, and I can play the guitar.

6. I actually can play the piano, a little bit (despite past and recently admitted behavior this is not a lie).

7. I once called in sick to work because there was an accident on the freeway and I didn't want to deal with the traffic.

That was fun :) Now, Tag! You're it. Go blog some stuff and let me know. Or just leave me a comment with a couple of fun tid bits about yourself :)