Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Doing Right Now

Scene cards. Yes, I finally got sick of throwing away thousands of words because they weren't working, and decided to plot out the nitty gritty of my WiP in hopes of not increasing my "Trash" word doc.

I already had my main plot points figured out, and I have a vague notion of the ending, so this puts some of the smaller pieces together and paves the way to the major plot points and climax.

So here they are. Each one has a goal and a disaster for the main plot arc. I'm not finished yet. I just reached the climax and need to figure out how to take out the bad guy. And there's not much in here in the way of character arc or sub plot. Just the big stuff.

The cool thing about scene cards is this: linking scenes using cause and effect (I'm going to talk about this more in the next episode of Ten Commandments). But for now, let me tell you something neat I figured out about plotting: the hard part is motivating your character to exhibit the behavior you want (i.e. going outside to investigate a strange noise when CLEARLY that's an idiotic thing to do in ANY situation).

Once you've created sufficient motivation to make the action believable (maybe her cat's been missing and she thinks the noise might be her long lost kitten), and the character has followed through with the action, the next part is easy: if this happens, what's the logical next step? What are the consequences? How is this character going to deal with those consequences? And that leads you to the next scene.

Fun, huh?


  1. Laughing at the cards. Between your scene cards and my spreadsheet, we'd be a party-girl duo.

  2. Yes! All we need is some wine! I think my scene cards would look very nice with some red wine spilled on them (because that is invariably what happens when I drink and write - wine everywhere! I should stick to chardonnay ;))