Monday, July 26, 2010

To wear or not to wear...(underwear, that is)

The challenge: Go commando for 30 days and blog about it.

The contender: Civil servant by day (please, God, don't let me flash someone while getting out of my car a la Paris Hilton) renegade writer by night...

Day 1. T minus 29 days and 23 hours to go.

So far, I feel okay about this whole thing. I don't feel as "free" as Kristen told me I would feel, but whatever. I feel better than I would if I were wearing a thong. What kind of sadistic bastard invented the thong, anyways? Talk about a perma-wedgie.

I often wonder (okay, well not often, but sometimes) how many people are going commando at any given moment. Thoughts? Preferences? Anyone....anyone??


  1. I go commando most days.
    I used to date a man who NEVER... wore...underwear. He actually had to remove them (I suggested he wear a pair)in the bathroom on our first Valentine's date because he was so uncomfortable...Seriously! It was very comical!

  2. Sometimes I think I stopped wearing underwear because all my granny panties started fitting like thongs and I was just too lazy to go shopping for bigger snickers.