Friday, July 30, 2010

Ah, the wonderment of the English Language

So, one of the things about being a writer is word selection. Using words that will create the best reaction in the reader, and adequately reveal the author's intentions so the reader will be pulled into the world of the characters.

In English, there is no lack of words that all mean basically the same thing, and as a writer it is your job to pick the best ones (and then not use them too much because you don't want the reader to notice and be pulled out of the story.)

While writing about my underwear challenge, I started thinking about all the different words we use for underpants. And then I decided to make a list, mostly for my own amusement (what?You think I write all this crazy crap for anyone else?)

Here it is, in no particular order:












Gutchies (really, that's what my mom always called them when I was a kid)

Unmentionables (which just makes me think about Pride and Predjudice and Zombies)

Okay, that's all I got right now. Anything I missed?

Leaping Labias!

Okay. It is now day five of the no panty challenge and I have learned a few things.

1. Not wearing underwear does not make me feel "free" as Kristen insisted it would.

2. It is actually more comfortable to go commando when you are wearing a skirt or dress. Although the risk of flashing is greater, there is less chafing.

3. If you are going pantyless and for some unfathomable reason also want to wear a thick, rough pair of blue jeans, I have two words for you: BAD DECISION!

4. Poor Man's Whiskey Rocks! Okay, I know that doesn't have anything to do with underwear (or lack thereof) but I went to their show last night, and it was awesome! Side bar: I was not wearing any knickers when I went, so there. I totally just tied that all together.

Monday, July 26, 2010

To wear or not to wear...(underwear, that is)

The challenge: Go commando for 30 days and blog about it.

The contender: Civil servant by day (please, God, don't let me flash someone while getting out of my car a la Paris Hilton) renegade writer by night...

Day 1. T minus 29 days and 23 hours to go.

So far, I feel okay about this whole thing. I don't feel as "free" as Kristen told me I would feel, but whatever. I feel better than I would if I were wearing a thong. What kind of sadistic bastard invented the thong, anyways? Talk about a perma-wedgie.

I often wonder (okay, well not often, but sometimes) how many people are going commando at any given moment. Thoughts? Preferences? Anyone....anyone??

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Be fearless - and don't be afraid to give Jesus Christ bunny ears

Being fearless isn't about the absence of fear. It's about doing something despite your fears (and perhaps better judgement).

As a writer, this concept can be difficult to practice in daily life. After all, how fearless do you really have to be when you are mostly locked away from everyone else, writing nonsense? (well, maybe the nonsense part is just me)

The answer is VERY fearless! Writing is hard, even though you are doing it in relative seclusion (alcohol does help....I'm just saying. And did you notice I said "doing it" tehehe!) it takes a certain amount of courage to get those first, most likely awful, words out on the page.

But another important part of writing is getting out of the locked room, and experiencing life! Observing human behavior, getting silly and watching people's reactions.

For example, last weekend was my six year wedding anniversary. I know, I know, I'm old. My husband and decided to spring for a babysitter and go out and pretend like we were young again. We ended up in downtown Reno, where there was a SUPERHERO pub crawl in action. No, I didn't dress up, and if anyone asked, I told them I was a single mother.

At the Tap House (bar on the river), we ran into someone dressed as Jesus Christ. After giving a requisite "Amen brother!" and "Hallelujah!" to the Jesus man, my husband went to buy me a drink (Newcastle), and I waited, watching other people take pictures with Jesus.

So, I was standing there, and Jesus and his friends, er apostles, had their backs to me during their photoshoot. I don't know what came over me, I just couldn't resist. During one of the pictures, (to the amusement of my husband and anyone else watching) I snuck up behind Jesus and gave him bunny ears.

The moral of the story, my friends, is don't be afraid to be silly, stupid, crazy, or random. Be fearless in life, and in writing. Or be afraid, but do it anyways.