Sunday, June 20, 2010

Parenting Tips That Are Actually Useful: Tip #1

Here is tip #1 of a new series (as of today): What to do when your child has stuck a small, foreign object up their nose.

Close the nostril that does NOT have an object in it.

Have the child open their mouth a little.

Cover their mouth with your mouth and blow.

This forces air up their sinuses and will blow the item down the nostril, if not all the way out, then at least down far enough for you to remove it with tweezers.

Cost of gas to drive to the hospital: $5.00

Cost of being forced to prance around in front of the hot male nurse with ZERO makeup, frizzy hair, and a bra that makes my chest look flat: most of my dignity

Cost of ER trip: $100.00

Learning that you can easily dislodge a foreign object from your childs nasal cavity without a trip to the hospital: PRICELESS!

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