Monday, April 12, 2010

Just wanna do something special for all the ladies of the world...

My friend Kristen (see prior "nickname" post) is getting married next month. Yay! So this weekend we had a faux bachellorette party at her house. She didn't really want to go out and do the whole circuit with the penis tiara and all that, she wanted to have a costume party. So, we had an "Alter Ego" costume party.

The objective? Dress up like your alter ego.
What do you mean? (I can hear you asking) An alter ego is another side to yourself. Or, a second side of yourself. For example, my alter ego is a white trash stripped named Trixie. So, I dressed up in faded, ripped jeans, a see through white top with a black bra underneath, and voila: white trash stripper.
And the result? Fantabulous! See photos:
That is all of us after circle time, which was really a great moment. We all took turns describing how we know Kristen, there were stories and anecdotes, and yes, tears.

Then, we retreated to the party room downstairs and did a little drumming! Which was fun, but scary because after a million drinks, I am sure my rhythm is WAY off. Pic above is Kristen's housemate Lisa.

Next, we were going to play a "box munching" game. That is Tamsen above, demonstrating the technique. And yes, that is an actual box on the floor. I don't think we ever did get around to the box munching. Maybe next time.

And that lovely lady is the bride-to-be!

Too much fun! And now I'm exhausted. I have a ton more photos, but I am feeling lazy, so too bad bitches!

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