Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nicknames are a standard concept right? Er, maybe not...

My friend Kristen likes to give people nicknames.

Sounds like a normal habit? Oh, no, no, no.

It's not. And here's why.

I have known Kristen (and worked with her) for five years now. Almost every day, when I see her in the morning, it goes something like this:

ME: Morning!
KRISTEN: Hey, (insert random word and/or sequence of words that have no discernible meaning or intention)

It isn't like she gives one person a nickname that somehow matches their personality and it sticks. It's more like she comes up with something arbitrary and completely off the wall, EVERY DAY!

Finally, I started writing them down. And, for the enjoyment of all, here they are:

Snot Rocket
Marshmallow Face
Poo Poo Taco
Poodle Skin
Taco Tuesday
Crickety Crotchedy
Crotch Rocket
Shoogy Woogy and the White Wall Beat (we actually caught one of our coworkers googling this phrase. He just couldn't grasp that it didn't come from somewhere, instead of being plucked from the recesses of Kristen's mind)
Donkey Kong Warrior
Cat Breath
Count Boobala (Okay, this one, not directed at me. This could never be a nickname for me, but it was funny, so I had to include it.)

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