Monday, March 15, 2010

I hate computer viruses and house alarms

This weekend, I entered a writing contest (details in a posting below). I wanted to do some last minute edits before I sent it in, so saturday was the big day I was going to send it in, it closed on Sunday.

When I got home friday from work, my computer had a virus. That stupid, Antivirus 2010 virus that pretends like it's a virus/spyware scanner and removal tool but IT'S NOT!! (I hate that thing!)

I couldn't get on the internet which meant, I wouldn't be able to e-mail my submission. Being the intelligent person that I am, I called my mom and asked to use her computer (her and Bill are currently in Montana, lucky for me, I have a key).

My parents use ADT. They have an alarm, I am privy to the code, but I called my mom anyways just to make sure I knew how to properly disable the thing. She told me (and I quote) "Input the code and hit the enter button."

Okay, sounds easy enough, right?

So, I get there, haul ass from the front door to the keypad (which is NOT by the front door) hastily enter the code and stop. No enter button. Where's the freakin enter button?!?!

Then the alarm starts going WOOO WOOO WOOO! Ack! Panick time! Now what? There's a number for ADT on the alarm, so I call. Here is how that conversation went.

ADT DUDE: "ADT. Are you calling from ....(He says my parents address)"
HOW DID HE DO THAT? I was calling from my cell phone, not my parents land line and I didn't even have to tell him! This wasn't ADT, it was the psychic hotline! In retrospect, I should have asked him how I would fare in the writers contest.

ME, only slightly panicky at this point because I was still in awe of how he knew where I was: "Yes, it's my parents house and I put in the code, but I might have done something wrong, I'm not sure it's working."

ADT DUDE: "Can you verify your name for me please?"

I did.

ADT DUDE: "Go ahead and re-enter the code, and then press STAY."

Ooooohh....STAY! Well, I guess that sorta makes sense.

In short, I was NOT held up at gun point (that has happened to my husband...I will tell that story another time) and I was able to send in my submission to the writers contest.

Plus, when I got home I figured out how to get rid of the virus by restoring my system to the day before it appeared.

If you ever get a virus like the Antivirus 2010 bastard, here is how to restore your system:

Start: Programs: Accessories: System Tools: System Restore.

It's easy, reversible and it doesn't delete or change any stored word documents or e-mails. And it seems to have worked.

That was my excitement for the weekend. Happy monday!

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